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Seettled Case Lawsuit Funding There are many times that you could find yourself in a settled case, which is a case that is settled before it reaches trial or sometimes before even filing a claim. In fact, the majority of civil suits end in a settled case well before the long, drawn out proceedings of a trial. Many factors should be considered to determine if settling is the best option. These include, but are not limited to: * Weaknesses in available evidence * The outcome of similar cases in the past * The amount of time you’ll have to wait for the case to go to trial * The amount that could likely be won in trial, and the chances of winning the case * Personal information or sensitive business information that could come out at trial Of course once yours is a settled case, you can not attempt to file again for the same reasons/entitlements. When you settle you give up the right to file against them again. An attorney will best be able to help you decide when a case should be settled, and when it should be taken all the way to and through trial. Apply Today

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