Securities Fraud Lawsuits

Securities Fraud Lawsuit Funding Securities fraud is very serious criminal charge. Both federal and state law can affect these kinds of cases, and they can be handled by private parties such as an investigator or by the government. Grounds for securities fraud can be: * A director or others in prominent positions illegally discloses confidential information regarding stock * A director or others in prominent positions misrepresents, distorts, or withholds information regarding stock * Someone uses this information in actions regarding the stock When a securities fraud claim is filed, you must be able to prove that someone intentionally or negligently distorted or hid information that would have been pertinent to your decisions regarding the stock. Simply put, you must be able to prove that your loss was strictly related to your dependcy on such incorrect or missing information, and that the person providing you (or hiding) this information either knew they were misleading you or omitting information, or that they should have known. It can often be difficult to recognize securities fraud. You should seek an attorney well versed with securities fraud to increase the odds of recovering your losses. Apply Today

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