Environmental Harm Lawsuits

Environmental Harm Lawsuit Funding The laws regarding environmental harm have a wide range. There are numerous reasons that an individual may want or need to file a lawsuit that would fall into this category. The contamination of air or water in a given area can be cause for a citizen’s suit to be filed by a single person. Normally, this kind of suit will prohibit the source from continuing to pollute as they have been. Sometimes they are already facing a suit of the same caliber, and a new suit would not be brought. However, if an individual suffers any kind of damage, they can file for compensation. Pollution is one of the many environmental harms that can lead to a lawsuit – others include:

Trespassing – If someone trespasses and causes damage to your property or home, you are likely entitled to the money amount needed to repair or restore it to the original state.

Nuisances – These can include noise or litter that affects you, your way of living, and the joy or peacefulness of your home and property.

Strict liability – If your property is contaminated by a hazardous material, you may be able to file for strict liability.

Negligence – Results from contamination that was caused by another party. Contact an attorney capable of handling environmental harm cases if you feel that you have grounds for a citizen’s suit or common law suit for environmental harm and contamination. Get Funding Here

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