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Construction Lawsuit Funding Construction lawsuits, or also referred to as construction defect claims, are the result of shoddy construction work that may or may not have even met the local building codes, whether intentional or not. Some of the defects that are often found are plumbing that was not correctly installed, leaking windows, leaking roofs, or cracking walls and concrete. Of course this is far from a conclusive list. Many times, the construction company, developer, or seller are happy to fix any of these things, but other times they refuse to repair their bad work. This is usually what leads to a construction lawsuit.

It’s important to keep in mind that the time frame you have to make such a claim is limited. This time frame is called the statutes of limitation, and can be different in different areas. Should you think that you have the grounds for a construction lawsuit, contact an attorney quick to ensure that you don’t run out of time – leaving any repairs solely your responsibility. We fund all types of construction lawsuits

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