Anti Trust Lawsuits

Anti Trust Lawsuits Antitrust lawsuits are the result of unfair practices amongst businesses. Some of the things forbidden by antitrust laws include monopolies, price fixing, particular kinds of merges, lockup agreements, and anything else that can be proven to have threatened free competition. These laws have been put into place to make sure that the marketplace is equal, and that everyone has the opportunity to free competition. Whenever something happens that prevents this, there may be an antitrust lawsuit filed. In most cases, there will need to be expert witnesses on both sides in order to prove free trade has been compromised, or that it hasn’t.

If you find yourself in an antitrust lawsuit, you should immediately seek an attorney that is experienced and competent in handling these kinds of cases. Should you be the one being charged with an antitrust lawsuit, it’s important to realize the severity of the situation; if not handled correctly it could be the death of your business. Apply Today

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